Vegan in Tasmania, Australia


HEY GUYS. Guess what I did this past weekend?! I went to Tasmania!! If you guys don’t know what Tasmania is, it’s an island off of Australia. I legit had never heard of it before coming here. And I’m pretty sure I thought I was going to “Tanzania” for like 5 weeks.

Well, if anything, you’ve probably heard of the Looney Tune Tasmanian Devil. No? How old are you? Shouldn’t you be in bed? Or school? Idk, what are kids doing these days? ANYWAYS, if you find yourself in Tasmania, I GOTCHU COVERED SISTER (or BRO! we don’t discriminate).

First things first, Tasmania, like most of the popular places in Australia, is SUPER SUPER SUPER vegan friendly. For a small island, I was VERY surprised at how many vegan options there was.

Here is my guide to doing Tasmania as a vegan!

1. Straight up Coffee and Food

This place was right across from our hostel. It’s an all vegetarian cafe with lots of vegan options including CHOCOLATE WAFFLES. Yes mam.

I got the chocolate waffles and they were SO yummy. I gave my friends the caramelized bananas on top because #NOPE to bananas #NOPE. At first, the waffle was really dry (I don’t think Australia understands the concept of maple syrup on pancakes or waffles). But as soon as I ate it with the chocolate chip ice cream???? UGH SO FUCKING GOOD....

Vegan Mani/Pedi in Melbourne, Australia


Missy Lui’s Nail Salon is incredible. It’s all organic and non-toxic. Plus, it’s just all around adorable.


Vegan Liquid Lipstick – Kylie Lip Kit review


HEY GUYS. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a total basic betch and I have NO shame about it.

I decided to make a post on Kylie Lip Kit because...

Your Zen Life Vegan Collab!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.49.48 AM

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Vegan at Nandos


 You know Hailee Steinfeld’s song “I didn’t know I was starving ’till I tasted you”? I’m 99% sure she wrote that about Nandos. 


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