Vegan at Smorgasburg LA


Smorgasbord + Williamsburg = Smorgasburg (duh…)

For those of you unfamiliar with the hybrid term, Smorgasburg is a food festival that started in the hot, sweaty summers of NYC, right in the heart of Brooky-Brooklyn. However, because us Angelinos are spoiled as f*ck, Smorgasburg has skittered its way all the way to Los Angeles! 

Because it is summer all-year-round in LA (like I said, spoiled), Smorgasburg runs all-year-round on every Sunday of the week! (Again, we are spoiled little brats and we know it)

Anyway, the festival (both in NY and LA) usually has countless vegan options (like almost every stand has at least one vegan option). I’m going to list some below at the LA festival, in case you find yourself checking it out in the future. 

  1. Amazebowls (Vegan acai bowls)
  2. Brothecary (Vegan dumplings) 
  3. Donut Friend (All vegan donuts) 
  4. Cena Vegan (Vegan tacos w/ vegan meats) 
  5. Goa Taco (I believe they have a vegan taco option?)
  6. Lade Slush (Bomb vegan slushies) 



Olivia and Isabella Cohen

(AKA… That Vegan Life Doe!!!)


Vegan at Citizens of Chelsea Cafe – NYC, NY


Who doesn’t love a warm cappuccino and a hearty avocado toast on a chilly day in Manhattan? 

Our brother took us to this cafe for breakfast when we were home...

Vegan Sushi Sandwiches


Did you just orgasm reading that subject head? Cuz… SAME. 

Sushi IN ANY FORM is amazing. Sushi roll, sushi burrito, sushi sandwich. JUST GIVE ME SUSHI!!!! Vegan...

Vegan T-Shirt


The best things in life are….

Finish the phrase!

Here, I’ll help you….

The best things in life are CRUELTY...

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