Vegan at Urban Projuice – Melbourne, Australia

This place is the shit. The vibes are SO on point. Mostly everything is vegan (I think they have eggs but it is clearly marked on the menu) and the food is SO SO delicious and so beautifully presented!!!


This is the perfect brunch place because they have really good savory options and really good sweet options. And again, THE VIBES. On point.

To start, I got the pancakes. UGH. So yummy. Especially with the ice cream. MMMM. I could eat three plates of those right now. They’re a little small but SO filling, so you’re gucci.


THEN I GOT (i know, I got two things for brunch because I couldn’t decide LOL) the “DIY spring rolls”. They legit bring you a plate of veggies, and rice paper wraps, and peanut sauce. And you just make your own spring rolls! How cool is that?! Perfect for sharing with people! Or just eating by yourself, because let’s be real, most of us have endless stomachs. No? That just me?

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So if you’re looking for some BALLER brunch, a fun little DIY craft, and some good pancakes, COME HERE.

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