Vegan at Beaming Organic Superfood Cafe in West Hollywood

Ok… I think I may or may not have just found my new fave smoothie place in LA. It’s called Beaming, it’s on Cienaga in West Hollywood, and I’m low-key/high-key shocked and confused that I have not tried this place sooner. 

(Also I tried cryotherapy this morning and I think I literally inhaled ice while trying to breathe in the chamber. 7/10 would recommend lol) 

DSC01430 DSC01433

First of all, my cousin’s fiance Pamela recommended it so thank you Pamela!! You da best!! Second of all, it is so adorable inside and absolutely everything is vegan! Not only do they have vegan smoothies and juices, but also cookies, cakes, snacks, salads, even gelato! Crazy right? #cray

DSC01429 DSC01432

AND they have a cute little seating area where you can  bring your laptop and do work (or binge netflix lol). 

The sister and I both got the Chocolate Beaming Basic smootihe made with: freshly sprouted almond milk, banana (can be substituted with avocado), sprouted almonds, dates, and Beaming Protein powder. 11/10 would recommend!!


So good! Will def be back! ( to the smoothie place… and maybe even cryotherapy lol #taketwo) 

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