Vegan Coconut Butter Cups

I don’t know about you, but E.T. and I share one thing in common. No, not the fact that we both look like aliens and feel like people are always out to get us. The fact that WE BOTH LOVE REESES PIECES!

Obviously, they aren’t vegan (the candy bites nor the cups) but lately there has been an explosion of vegan knock-offs, most famously Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. 

Well, Justin better make room for the latest brand: Eating Evolved! (Vegan and paleo for all ma cavemen/women out there)


My friend and I tried the Caramel Sea Salt Coconut Butter cup and had interesting reviews. 

My friend didn’t like it, whereas I found it oddly intriguing. Different from your average PB cup, but it has a unique and distinct taste that I did enjoy. 

Try it and lmk what you think! 


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