Hey vegan homies!

Welcome to the vegan wonderland of Olivia and Isabella. It’s our world and you suckas are just living in it! Just kidding, we all know the vegan diet is about sharing our planet and having equality and compassion for all…but at least on this page, it’s our world and you guys are just living in it!

So basically we are embarrassingly huge foodies that live in NYC but go to school in LA and spend every waking moment shoveling vegan food into our mouths when we aren’t busy pretending to be normal.

We travel a lot as well, so we review restaurants all over the country (And globe) and invite you all to join us on our delicious vegan adventure we call THATVEGANLIFEDOE.



Olie and Bella, your fave vegan twins (Or least fave…? I mean, what did we ever do to you!?)

P. S. For those of you further inquiring whether or not we are as identical in personality as we are in looks, here’s a little bit about each of us individually!

Favorite binge-worthy TV show (LOST is a given, duhhh):

Olie: Scandal #OliviaPopeforPresident

Bella: Gilmore Girls. Lorelai is my spirit animal.

Favorite book:

Olie: Catch 22. The only book that’s made me literally LOL (as in literally laugh out loud).

Bella: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Don’t panic betches.

Favorite weird food combo:

Olie: Rice and ketchup. Don’t knock it ’till ya try it!

Bella: Vegan bacon and maple syrup… FUCK ME UP

Celebrity crush:


Bella: Daniel Craig as James Bond. Literally yes.

Pets I want when I’m older: 

Olie: A King Charles Spaniel named Octavia and a hairless cat named Fluffy.

Bella: Great Dane and a Ragdoll cat. Names TBD.

Words you live by:

Olie: Have courage and be kind (but lowkey also Keep Calm and Vegan On)

Bella: Nobody else knows what they’re doing either lol.

Last time you felt like the most basic betch:

Olie: I got stressed about running out of EOS lip balm

Bella: When the cashier at a juice shop corrected me on the pronunciation of “acai”

Favorite word and least favorite word: 

Olie: Favorite word is “metropolitan” and least favorite is “varicose”. Literally do not ask me why.

Bella: Fave is “evanescent” and least fave is “conglomerate”.


Olie: Ability to destroy the patriarchy

Bella: Extreme charm (*wink wink*)

What would your tombstone probably say?

Olie: Bella

Bella: Olie


Photo by Yolanda Perez