Vegan in Perth, Australia

So, my friends and I took a weekend trip to Perth VERY randomly. Perth is neither the most exciting, nor vegan friendly place in the world but it was still a fun trip and the amount of rainbows we saw was ABSURD. I’ve never seen so many huge ass rainbows in my LIFE. 

Here is what I ate:

1. Flora & Fauna

This place is a cute little vegan place (no indoor seating so if it’s cold out, deff take things to go). I got a vegan chocolate chip cookie (with dark chocolate AND white chocolate!!) and a peanut butter chocolate chip blondie. GUYS. HEAVEN. If you’re in Perth, you must come here for desserts because #YES.



2. Pretzel

Legit the most ADORABLE pretzel stand. It’s all pink and has a white neon sign that says “It’s all good”. Not all the pretzel flavors are vegan but when I asked, they let me know which were and weren’t. It was raining (like DOWNPOUR), so it was a little hard to get a good photo BUT I got the cinnamon sugar pretzel and it was BALLER. Deff recommend!



3. Nature’s Harvest 

This place was one of my favorite places that we went to! I can’t remember if it was all vegan or they had a lot of vegan options, but either way, I definitely recommend. The waitresses there were so nice and gave me a mini Turkish latte so I could try it (not my fave but still love that they made one for me) and they let me try the vegan lasagna (which was BALLER and I ended up ordering more).


I ordered, the vegan lasagna, the pancakes with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, and berries, and I also ordered a Snickers cocowhip sundae (I KNOW!!!) 



P.S. The pancake only comes with one pancake, so if you’re going to order it, deff order something else too because it probably wouldn’t full you up.

But anyways, everything here was A+

4. California Pizza Kitchen

I KNOW!! THEY HAVE ONE IN AUSTRALIA!! How nuts? It was way fancier than the ones back home LOL, but just as yummy.

I got the veggie pizza without the cheese and a fire engine drink (Aussie’s version of a Shirley Temple).

V yummy! CPK 4 lyfe.  dssddsds


Anyway, if you’re coming to Perth, you definitely will have options, just not that many lol. 


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