Vegan at the Four Seasons Austin, Texas

My sister and I spent the last weekend in the baller city of Austin, Texas to attend the Austin Film Festival because our scripts placed in their competition! Yay scripts! Yay talent! Go us! Hooray! 

Anyway, my parents were kind enough to let us stay at the Four Seasons during our short stay and, obviously, my sister and I were super grateful. Of course, you don’t have to be at the Four Seasons to find vegan items at your hotel though. Many other hotels have options and/or are willing to acommodate! 

DSC01518 DSC01520

However, because we did stay in the Four Seasons, we thought we would share with y’all (gotta say y’all after being in Texas) some options at the Four Seasons!

Firstly, they have free coffee and tea in the lobby EVERY MORNING (goals) and not only that… they also have vanilla syrup and almond milk/soy milk if you want to go crazy like Starbucks baristas and whip yourself up a vegan vanilla latte!

DSC01525 DSC01526 DSC01527

In terms of room service, they have everything! If you call and ask about the vegan menu, they can list off like ten special vegan items that aren’t on the regular in-room dining menu such as: Avocado toast, a baked sweet potato with vegan chilli, vegan pasta with veggies, and various salads. My sis and I had the avo toast every day because we are #basicasfuck and it was amazing. 

On the regular room service menu though, you can order:

  1. Regular spaghetti with plain tomato sauce
  2. Crispy Brussel Sprouts sauteed with oil, not butter (so good) 
  3. Hummus and crudite
  4. Their health nut salad which is vegan by default I believe
  5. Plane baked potatoes with ketchup for dipping
  6. For breakfast, countless cereals and cinnamon oatmeal made with soy milk with a side of mixed berries

DSC03777 DSC03780 DSC03808 DSC03775 DSC03779 DSC01523-1

AND to top it all off, the mini bar has vegan peanut butter cups and mixed nuts and yes, you bet your ass I ate them all. LOL thnx ma and pa.

Bottom line, clearly the Four Seasons loves vegan food as much as we do!!

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