Vegan at the Beverly Hills Montage

You know what is almost comparable to the joyous feeling of seeing your dogs after coming home from a long trip? When you ask the waiters if there’s anything vegan on the menu and they tell you they have a VEGAN MENU #oooohhhyessss

So people, for those of you who don’t know, The Montage in Beverly Hills is a trendy hotel in, you guessed it, BH. Don’t believe me? J Biebz was spotted there like 2 days after I was. Missed me J Biebz. Sorry I couldn’t grace you with my presence. 

Anyway, they have the most adorable relaxing rooftop grill, which is right next to an amazing view of the city, as well as their poolside cabana area. 


Oh yah, and most importantly, they have an entire vegan breakfast/lunch/brunch menu!! The entire menu is pictured below but I am sure additional things on the menu can be modified. 



I ended up getting the avocado toast which was fancy and decadent AF, as well as some sort of delicious immunity drink (they have a variety of juices and smoothies on the main menu). 

DSC01413 DSC01414

Everything was delicious, the staff was super duper friendly, and the vibes were on point, so I will def be back. Mabye next time I’ll run into J Biebz. Or, I mean, he’ll run into me. 

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