Vegan at Maccheroni Republic – Los Angeles, CA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI!!!!! (Well, it was yesterday but happy birthday again!!!!) Our bestie Ali turned 22 yesterday (omg why are we so old???) and she celebrated at her fave restaurant downtown, Maccheroni Republic.

If you ask what is vegan on the menu, the waiters are super accommodating and know exactly how to modify certain things to make them vegan. Even the bread is vegan!! And as Oprah would say, “I LOVE BREAD!!!”

The _____ Sapori (lol i forgot the first word of the dish), was apparently designed for vegans. It comes with garlic, lentils, tomato sauce, and something else, but it was SO YUMMY!!!! The lentils made the sauce kind of a “meat” sauce and the pasta was so fresh and delicious! Some of the other dishes can be made vegan too, you just have to ask.


And GUESS WHAT???? They even have a vegan dessert!!! HOW NUTS. It’s a super decadent chocolate mousse that has the creamiest consistency (think the cream in a cannoli) and the richest chocolate-y taste. MMMMmmmm. So yummy! And the perfect sweet treat after dinner 🙂


So if you’re in Downtown LA, and you’re craving some fresh AF pasta and some dang good mousse, come here!

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