Vegan at Follow Your Heart – Canoga Park, CA

Guys! This place is super rad. I know Canoga Park sounds like it’s a million miles away from central Los Angeles, but it’s really only one hour away, depending on traffic! #LAproblems

Anyway, Follow Your Heart is an all vegetarian market and restaurant, that has a MILLION vegan options. Follow Your Heart also makes their own incredible vegan cheeses, veganise, etc. If you’re a vegan, you’ve probably bought one of their products before without realizing. 

Anyway, the market section is so awesome and they not only have their own brand, but also a million other vegan brands. I got so many vegan snacks that I had never tried before. They also have cute little chachkas, like tarrot cards, crystals, stones, candles, little clay angels, etc. Very good place to buy a gift for someone.



The restaurant is equally as cool! Everything is labeled vegan on the menu and they have SO many options, it’s hard to choose. I got the kale sweet potato and the grilled chicken sandwich. Both of which were so simple but so yummy and filling! So if you’re in the area, or feel like taking a road trip, check it out!


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