Vegan at Citizens of Chelsea Cafe – NYC, NY

Who doesn’t love a warm cappuccino and a hearty avocado toast on a chilly day in Manhattan? 

Our brother took us to this cafe for breakfast when we were home for Thanksgiving recently (Yo Josh, you reading this?) and the atmosphere of the place is so cute and fresh (probably because it’s an Australian cafe and Australian cafes are all about aesthetics duh).

This neon sign in the cafe was also super cute but also was WAY too accurate. Like I was legit home for the holidays. Trippy, man.


We had to order the avo toast without the cheese, so deff ask your waiter about the vegan options and what can be made vegan!



The avo toast was really good but there was a SHIT TON of avocado on it which made the bread soggy. Was it the best avo toast of all time? No. Would I come back? Yeah, why not! #GoodVibes

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