Vegan Afternoon Tea in Los Angeles

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-twooooooo. Yes, ladies and gents and all those in between (as in non-binary, of course), my sissy and I are officially turning (UP! jk) 22 on Wednesday!

So, to celebrate us turning into old hags, we decided to have a vegan afternoon tea at The Penninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills with a few of our best girl friends!! #noboysallowed


They don’t have a vegan tea on their menu, but all you have to do is call in advance to specify your dietary needs and they were more than happy to accommodate!

Before I get into what courses had what, I do have to say that although I had A BLAST and the Penninsula Tea Room is like the cutest ever, I’ve had better vegan teas… but I’m also biased and spoiled from spending months in London hehehe. 

Anyway, for starters, you pick your tea. I got a caramel pear and it was great! We also all ordered the non-alcoholic tea set, so we got delicious sparkling apple cider as well. 

The first course was strawberries. Although the strawberries were bomb, they didn’t have an alternative for the thicccc dollop of whipped cream that the non-vegan tea set had #rip.


The second/third course was 3 layers. The first was DELICIOUS golden scones with the freshest strawberry jam! The second was an assortment of other pastries which were fine, but I do have to give a special shoutout to the OG chocolate covered strawberry!! Third were these V CONFUSING gluten-free tartines which just consisted of hummus, tomato, and grilled mushroom on top of a cucumber??? Not that great and a bit of a mess to eat. 


Anyway, if you’re looking for something fun and extremely to do for your birthday, this is an option! 


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