Skinny Bitch Pizza Review

GUYS LOWKEY HOLD UP…. pizza that not only is low in calories/carbs, but also vegan, delicious, and trendy AF actually exists?!?!? 

Um, yah. It does and it’s friggin called Skinny Bitch pizza. 

You all are probs familiar with the brand Skinny Bitch (I think it was a book or something but I do also believe they have different brands of food and alcohol or whatever… can anyone confirm or deny this?), ANYWAY, they just opened a gluten-free pizzeria in LA where all the crust is vegan and made from cauliflower!!! How insane?

Not to mention, they have vegan cheese options for all their pizzas which is made from an almond based cheese. I know, I think I just jizzed a little. 


However, they don’t have a store front. You can only get the pies from postmate or ordering, but don’t fret my furry friends. The cute personal pizzas come in trendy millenial pink boxes sealed with a kiss, guarenteed to make you look like the trendiest pizza eater in town. 


Bottom line, you must try! It’s delicious and way more healthy alternative to traditional pizza. Don’t believe me? Just watch. (Who else read that in Bruno Mar’s voice? lol) 

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