Native Foods Café – Los Angeles, CA

My friend Lily and I wanted to check out a place we had never been before, so we decided to check out Native Foods Cafe! It’s one of those places that you always hear about or see online when you look up “Vegan Near Me” or something like that, but you never have a real desire to go because you’ve never heard anybody talk about it?

Well we ventured towards the UCLA area of Los Angeles and went to Native Foods! It’s a cute and very casual little cafe, kind of like Veggie Grill (Which was right down the street? FUCLA for having so many vegan options #salty #usc #bye). But I got a bottle of cherry coke and the vegan chicken and waffles!DSC00234 DSC00231

SO, the food was yummy. Let’s start there. It was yummy, but not outstanding. Like I probably wouldn’t go back? Like the chicken and waffles were yummy but I’ve had better chicken and waffles at Crossroads. My friend Lily got a burrito and paid extra for guac and said they barley put any guac in it. SO IDK. The staff was really friendly though and the vibes were really chill so….. I would say, if you were in the area and were really hungry, this place or Veggie Grill would be a good option, I just wouldn’t go out of my way for it. 

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