Frozen Fruit Co – Santa Monica, CA

Hey guys!!! Who agrees that froyo is better than ice cream? ME!!!

There’s just something about the creamy texture of froyo and the ability to load it with toppings that ice cream just… doesn’t have. Sorry ice cream, you don’t impress me #sorrynotsorry

But you know what’s even better than froyo? (Becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel…?)



Frozen Fruit Co is an all plant based froyo shop in Santa Monica, similar to Freeze, that only uses fruit and fruit based sugars to make their froyo. Their flavors are SO SO SO good, the texture is creamy, and the toppings were delicious.


I got the blueberry and chocolate with carob chips, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles and MAN OH MAN, it was so GOOD. The chocolate literally tasted better than most chocolate froyo i’ve had at other frozen yogurt places. And the blueberry was surprisingly amazing? I’ve never ordered blueberry flavored anything before and this blueberry was baller.


I was so shocked that I had never been/heard of this place before! It’s soooo yummy! So go check it out homies!!

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