Coconut Brownie Date Ball Recipe


HEY GUYS. So my life is really random and sometimes really boring so I randomly decided to make cocoa date balls when I was bored today because I was seriously craving them. So I made them! And they were delicious. I’ve already eaten 4. So easy to make and SO YUMMY. Legit just dates, cocoa powder, coconut, vanilla, and…

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Vegan Mac and Cheese Cup Recipe


So what do you get when you put mac and cheese into cupcake tins and bake them…that’s right ladies and gents, you get vegan mac and cheese cups!!! I recently met a vegan at my school named Jenny and thought it would be a fun idea to invite her over and get creative in the kitchen!…

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Vegan Cheese Bread Recipe


What’s better than cheese? Bread. What’s better than bread? CHEESE BREAD! Honestly, whoever thought of putting the most delicious and fattening food groups together into one is literally God sent. I think I owe him/her my first-born child or my life #yourchoice. Anyway, my new friend Jenny and I decided to attempt making gluten free…

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Chocolate Covered Orange Slice Recipe


So Olie and I have this really intense desire to be domestic so that we can properly learn how to serve men (<—————- I WAS BEING SARCASTIC) butttt Olie and I are actually learning how to cook healthy things because as a vegan, it’s probably a good idea. SO we’ve been getting some inspa from insta (lol that rhymed) and…

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Easy Cinnamon Apples (in college)


So like what happens when you’re in college and your craving apple pie but don’t really have access to it? YOU IMPROVISE. I feel like that’s the most important thing i have and will learn from college. How to improvise and bullshit your way to success. Let’s hope it works 🙂 So tonight Olie and Ali…

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