Vegan Smores Cup Recipe


So guys, what do you do when you’re bored, have a friend over, and have all the ingredients to assemble smores? You get creative and you make smores CUPS! Lol, honestly looking back, idk why we didn’t actually make normal smores…but yanno what? YOLO.  So here’s the secret recipe:  Ingredients:  . Earth Balance Butter . Graham…

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Vegan Samoas Cookie Recipe


I KNOW. The real Girl Scout cookie isn’t vegan #BOOOO so I was like, ya know what? Instead of waiting to be given opportunities imma make my own! #InspirationFromThatVeganLifeDoe  Long story short, I was like imma make my own vegan samoas!! And they were so yummy 🙂  Here is the recipe P.S. The caramel takes…

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Raw Vegan Oreo Recipe


OREOS OREOS OREOS OREOS. I know. They’re amazing. They are a combo of my two fave things in life: cookies and chocolate (Oh and cream? lol forgot about that part). Anyways, real Oreos are indeed accidentally vegan. So why make raw vegan oreos? FOR FUN, DUH. Anyway, I found this recipe on The Colorful Kitchen and they were…

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Vegan Twix Bar Recipe


Hey guys, so I made vegan Twix bars last week and they were bomb AF. In the wise words of Olie, she asked “Did you put cocaine in them?” Wanna know a secret? I DID. Anyway, here is the recipe! #OhSheGlowsIsBae Homemade Crispy Twix Bars

Raw Cinnamon Bun Recipe


I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately. I usually try to stay away from raw food because I’m not a psycho (that was joke, lol, chill) but for some reason I’ve been on a raw kick lately and wanted to experiment with raw baking in the kitchen so the sis, the little sis, and…

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