Vegan Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

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YUP. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. CINNAMON. ROLL. PANCAKES. ORGASM. We found this recipe on Caitlin Shoemaker’s blog ( They are super healthy and really yummy, especially in the winter! For the icing, we just mixed icing sugar and almond milk together, so I’m not sure how the icing in the recipe would turn out but…

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Vegan Unicorn Toast


Unicorn toast? S0 2017, right? Well guess what guys? I have a new trend for y’all to start in the shiny year of 2018. Bear toast! (Not like the Bruin bears though because FUCLA—Sorry, I’m a Trojan if you couldn’t tell.  Anyway, if you have picky kids who don’t like eating their breakfast, here’s a…

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Vegan Oreo Bagel Recipe


WHAT IS MILK’S FAVORITE COOKIE? (I swear if you don’t say Oreos, I’m gonna report you to the FBI and tell them aliens exist) Well, famous Youtuber “Supreme Banana” made a really delicious video where she made an oreo bagel with oreo cream cheese and oreos in it. I. KNOW. Did you just foodgasm? Because I DID….

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Birthday Breakfast Idea


Hey guys! I know this isn’t a “Recipe” per se, but it is a breakfast idea!  It was my Grandpa’s birthday recently and Olie and I wanted to surprise him with something special that morning before we had to catch an early flight to LA. We asked our Grandma what we should make him and she suggested pancakes!…

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Rainbow Bagel Recipe


What’s the perfect treat to bake on a rainy Cali day? RAINBOW BAGELS. (Or as my grandma calls them “Bagels with makeup” #LOVEHER)  My vegan friend Amanda and I decided to YOLO it and attempt rainbow bagels and they actually came out amazing! Not gonna lie, the process is very tedious, but the result was yumma-licious and very…

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