Vegan Sushi Sandwiches

Did you just orgasm reading that subject head? Cuz… SAME. 

Sushi IN ANY FORM is amazing. Sushi roll, sushi burrito, sushi sandwich. JUST GIVE ME SUSHI!!!! Vegan sushi of course. I mean let’s be real, the two best foods are sushi and sandwiches, so to combine them is like *explosion sound* mindblowing. 

We found the recipe on Pinterest from Lazy Cat Kitchen (click on it for recipe). And they were so fun to make with my crazy ass sisters and they tasted INCREDIBLE. Like whatever you are picturing it tasting like, picture that, but with the addition of it having been sprinkled with fairy dust and kissed by angels. PURE SUSHI HEAVEN. If you like sushi, MAKE THESE. Legit, I only got to eat two and I’m still regretting not having eaten all fourteen that we made. 

P.S. For the bread crumbs, we used crushed nacho Beanfield chips. SO GOOD.


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