Vegan at the Four Seasons Austin, Texas


My sister and I spent the last weekend in the baller city of Austin, Texas to attend the Austin Film Festival because our scripts placed in their competition! Yay scripts! Yay talent! Go us! Hooray!  Anyway, my parents were kind enough to let us stay at the Four Seasons during our short stay and, obviously,…

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Vegan at Jugo Juice Bar in Austin, TX


Jugo! For those of you who don’t know what “jugo” means, “jugo” is the Spanish word for juice. I know this because I am cultured and educated… jk I grew up in a household of Puerto Ricans who wouldn’t get me juice unless I asked for it in Spanish LOL. But anyway, the more you know!…

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Vegan at Mother’s Cafe- Austin, TX


MOTHER! JK, that movie sucked, but Mother’s Cafe totally didn’t! (See what I did there?? #hehehe) Anyway, Mother’s Cafe is actually one of my fave vegan restaurants in Austin because not only is the food mostly vegan, but it also serves vegan versions of tradition Texas food so you pretty much can’t get this type…

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