Vegan in Marbella, Spain

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So my vegan peeps, the sissy and I thought we’d do you a solid by making a list of vegan places in Marbella if you ever visit!  Keep in mind folk, Marbella is a very small coastal city in Spain, so don’t be suprised if you don’t find many vegan options. But have no fear…

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Vegan at Organic Market & Food- Marbella, Spain


I put the Bella in Marbella 💁 (Jk, I’m actually Olie but I did give her that caption for her instagram so #captioncredz?)  Anyway, so the fam went to Marbella for a few days after Barcelona and guess what? Right across (like literally right across) from our hotel was one of the BEST VEGAN PLACES I HAVE…

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Vegan in Barcelona, Spain

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Hey fellow vegans! My sister and I just got back from a trip to Barcelona, Spain recently and thought we’d compile a list of all the vegan places we went to/ didn’t get the chance to go to so you can eat to your little vegan hearts out next time you’re in Barcy! So here are…

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Vegan at Flax & Kale- Barcelona, Spain


GUYS, this place is soooooooo tasty. I’m kinda craving everything we got from there rn.  Not everything is vegan, but everything is clearly marked. We came here with our little sis for dinner and decided to get a bunch of things to share. For starters, we each got a different type of juice which we…

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