Vegan near Brown University

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Hey everybody! If you ever find yourself in Providence, Rhode Island or attending Brown University and also happen to be vegan (/like vegan food) here are a few places my sister and I went to! There are probably more out there in the Providence galaxy, but these are just a few. Also, if you click…

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Vegan at Blue State Coffee- Providence, RI


LOVE BLUE STATE COFFEE. Everything there is bombbbbbb. They have a few vegan sandwiches, salads, and desserts but not everything is vegan.  Their coffee is amazing and so is their chickpea salad. Seriously, this place is baller AF.  JUST GO. Also the atmosphere is mega chill.  Congrats to our sister Sophie (and her awesome roomates) on graduating Brown University #BadAssWomen!

Vegan at Garden Grille- Providence, RI


Guys! Girls! Ladies! Gents! Errrybody! Guess what?? My sister graduated from Brown University and took us to all da best vegan places around campus in Providence, RI this past weekend! Funs stuff! Let me tell you folks something, this restaurant she took us to “Garden Grille” is probably one of THE BEST vegan places I’ve…

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