Vegan in Cairns, Queensland


I’m pretty sure the only reason you’d come to Queensland is to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, cuz who wouldn’t want to do that?????? #bucketlist Cairns is not the most exciting place in the world but snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef was MEGA COOL. Like I would highly recommend it. It felt like I was…

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Vegan in Magnetic Island, Queensland


UM. I’m not a big hiker/nature girl so Magnetic Island was not my fave place but if that’s your thing than DEFF go. The only reason my friend and I went there was to stay in this hostel called Bungalow Bay where they let you hold snakes and KOALAS. So we were like… we’re IN!!! For the…

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Vegan in Townsville, Queensland


SO, probably the only reason you’d come to Townsville as a tourist is to go to Magentic Island. I don’t have that claim backed by factual evidence, I’m just assuming that cuz Townsvilles IS RANDOM AS FUCK. Anyway, here’s what I ate while I was there. 1. That Place on Sturt Legit the name of this…

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Vegan in Airlie Beach, Queensland


Airlie Beach is a bit of a wasteland right now after the cyclone hit BUT if you wanted to go on a sailboat to the Whitsundays, then Airlie beach is a pitstop you must take (legit you can only take the boat to the Whitsundays out of Airlie. Which is why we were there). All my friend and…

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Vegan in Noosa, Queensland


Hey y’all! (I don’t know why I always use “y’all”. I’m not southern and I don’t know anyone southern. Anybody have any conspiracy theories??)  If you’ve never heard of Noosa, don’t worry, neither had I before I went there. It’s a little beachy town in Queensland that is trendy AF. They have cute cafes, shops, beaches, and really nice people.  I…

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