Vegan at Seamore’s- NYC


Guys, I just read an article online that said Seamore’s was one of the most trendy and insta-worthy restaurants in NYC, so I guess I’m pretty trendy these days! You know me! I’m quite the trendy gal! Lol, JK. I’m the opposite of trendy. I think I was the last person on earth to stop…

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Vegan at Sushirrito – New York City, NY


GUYS dshfdsjfbhmbfkjdsghfkjsdghfjksd. If you don’t know what a sushiritto is….. then maybe you should get a life? Sushirritos are literally MASSIVE sushi rolls. Do you hear angels singing or is that just me? Like when I die, please roll me up in a sushirrito and leave me the fuck alone. I first tried this amazing masterpiece in…

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Vegan at Grom- NYC


Thanks to our friend Sami, I think we have found the BEST gelato place in NYC. Not even kidding. I think Grom takes the cake. Or the cone I guess… Anyway, all the sorbets are vegan and so so good. I got the dark chocolate sorbet (which came with yummy little, crunchy dark chocolate chips)…

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Vegan at S’MAC- Midtown east, NYC


Long story short:  This place is an all Mac n Cheese restaurant in NYC and suprisingly enough, they actually have a vegan option! #yasssss BUT BUT BUT before you get too excited and add this to your food bucket list, I would like yall to know that I thought it was just ‘meh’. Like it wasn’t…

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