Vegan at Citizens of Chelsea Cafe – NYC, NY


Who doesn’t love a warm cappuccino and a hearty avocado toast on a chilly day in Manhattan?  Our brother took us to this cafe for breakfast when we were home for Thanksgiving recently (Yo Josh, you reading this?) and the atmosphere of the place is so cute and fresh (probably because it’s an Australian cafe and Australian cafes are all about…

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Vegan Afternoon Tea at The Plaza


Yes, when I say Plaza, I am indeed referring to the Plaza in Eloise at the Plaza and Home Alone 2 plaza where Macaulay Culkin meets our beloved (barf) president Donald (barf) Trump. Sorry if y’all are Trump supporters, I respect your opinions, just not his.  Anyway, politics aside, the Plaza actually has a cute little tea…

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Vegan at Doughnut Plant NYC


KVJUYFJV;’GUSRTSGVYD Yes, I’m THIS excited!!!! My fave NYC donut place (since before I went vegan) now has vegan options and I am SHOOK. Like not only is Doughnut Plant cute as f*ck, but they also have the best doughnuts in da city!! I was lowkey shocked when I was perusing instagram the other week and saw…

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Vegan at MatchaBar Chelsea – New York City, NY


WHO. DOESN’T. LOVE. MATCHA. Crazy people, that’s who. If ya’ll remember (or care at all about my life #loveme) I was obsessed with this cafe in Melbourne called Matcha Mylkbar. It had everything matcha from the burger buns to the fries to the pancakes, etc. WELL, not only does New York have Cha Cha Matcha, but they have ANOTHER…

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