Vegan at MatchaBar Chelsea – New York City, NY


WHO. DOESN’T. LOVE. MATCHA. Crazy people, that’s who. If ya’ll remember (or care at all about my life #loveme) I was obsessed with this cafe in Melbourne called Matcha Mylkbar. It had everything matcha from the burger buns to the fries to the pancakes, etc. WELL, not only does New York have Cha Cha Matcha, but they have ANOTHER…

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Orchard Grocer – New York City, NY


Since I’m not in Melbourne anymore, I can’t go to Smith and Deli #cry BUT wait…. ….THERE’S MORE! A new vegan deli just opened in NYC called Orchard Grocer. I’m not gonna lie, it’s NOWHERE near as good as Smith and Deli (um… nothing is?) BUT they have a ton of vegan snacks, pastries, sandwiches, drinks, etc. Eh… It’ll…

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Vegan at Seamore’s- NYC


Guys, I just read an article online that said Seamore’s was one of the most trendy and insta-worthy restaurants in NYC, so I guess I’m pretty trendy these days! You know me! I’m quite the trendy gal! Lol, JK. I’m the opposite of trendy. I think I was the last person on earth to stop…

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Vegan at Sushirrito – New York City, NY


GUYS dshfdsjfbhmbfkjdsghfkjsdghfjksd. If you don’t know what a sushiritto is….. then maybe you should get a life? Sushirritos are literally MASSIVE sushi rolls. Do you hear angels singing or is that just me? Like when I die, please roll me up in a sushirrito and leave me the fuck alone. I first tried this amazing masterpiece in…

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