Vegan at Kitty Burns – Melbourne, Australia


BRUNCH!!!!! IM ADDICTED TO BRUNCH!!! HELP!!! Actually, please don’t help me. I love brunch.  This place is such an ADORABLE brunch place with the most aesthetically pleasing vegan options and interior design. This place is straight out of Tumblr. I got the vegan grapefruit dish which comes with scorched pink grapefruit, coconut yogurt, granola, almond milk, and grapefuit sorbet. It was SO…

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Vegan at Il Fornaio – Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne: the land of brunch. I thought Los Angeles was brunch central but… NOPE. Melbourne IS brunch. Like if someone asked me to describe Melbourne in one word, i’d probably say: brunch. And I’m all about that sleep in-breakfast-lunch kinda life. I’m ALL ABOUT IT. This place is a cute little brunch place with a few vegan options. My sister…

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The Big Vegan Market – Melbourne, Australia


Three things I love: Vegans, markets, and big things #winkwink This market happens once a year in Melbourne (I think? I’ve only been here four months LOL I have no idea what I’m talking about) and it’s in the Royal Exhibition building. The entire building is filled with vegan products, vegan food, vegan clothing, vegan food stands, etc….

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The Alley – Melbourne, Australia


So….. You know By Chloe? One of the most popular vegan places in America? WELL. Apparently, somebody thought it would be a good idea to copy EVERYTHING about By Chloe, bring it to Melbourne, change the name, and act like they don’t even know what By Chloe is…… WELL. I ain’t complaining! By Chloe was in NY when…

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