Vegan at Zinque in Los Angeles


Hey guys! I actually found another trendy restaurant with vegan options in LA after living here for FOUR YEARS!! Like, can you actually believe that? I thought I had literally tried every morsel of vegan food in LA but I guess not? #awks The restaurant is called Zinque and it’s literally down the street from…

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Vegan at the Beverly Hills Montage


You know what is almost comparable to the joyous feeling of seeing your dogs after coming home from a long trip? When you ask the waiters if there’s anything vegan on the menu and they tell you they have a VEGAN MENU #oooohhhyessss So people, for those of you who don’t know, The Montage in…

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Vegan at Organix- Eagle Rock, LA


So yes my friends, we have finally ventured to the land of “The Vegan Fat Kid” to try the infamous (or is it famous? Who knows) Mac Daddy burger…which is basically the vegan version of Micky D’s big mac (McDonalds Big Mac for those who are slow on slang). Side note:  can we like not use the…

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