Frozen Fruit Co – Santa Monica, CA


Hey guys!!! Who agrees that froyo is better than ice cream? ME!!! There’s just something about the creamy texture of froyo and the ability to load it with toppings that ice cream just… doesn’t have. Sorry ice cream, you don’t impress me #sorrynotsorry But you know what’s even better than froyo? (Becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel…?) HEALTHY FROYO…

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Cinnaholic – Los Angeles, CA


Yeah so senior year is A LOT, no surprises there. I feel like I’m either doing everything all at once or absolutely nothing at all –  WAITthis isn’t an outlet to share my feelings, whaaaaat am I doing? My point was senior year is stressful AF and cinnamon buns MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER OKAY!?!?!?! (<— lol I’m not okay) Anyway,…

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Vegan at the Grove Farmer’s Market


I’ve been going to the Grove for years now and I had NO idea that there was a vegan pizza option at the farmer’s market??? WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. ME?  Whatever, I thought I had tried literally every vegan morsel in LA, but I guess I was wrong? Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days….

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Vegan at Cava


Um… so remember that time I gushed about how cool the USC University Village was??? No? Ok, I’ll rant again. *cue rant 2* UM a whole entire new section was added to my campus with a TRADER JOES, A TARGET, A SUNLIFE, A STARBUCKS, A GREANLEAF, and now another thing to orgasm to: CAVA (Enjoy the…

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