Vegan at Organix- Eagle Rock, LA


So yes my friends, we have finally ventured to the land of “The Vegan Fat Kid” to try the infamous (or is it famous? Who knows) Mac Daddy burger…which is basically the vegan version of Micky D’s big mac (McDonalds Big Mac for those who are slow on slang). Side note:  can we like not use the…

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Impossible Burger at Crossroads Review


GUYS GUYS GUYS. If you’re vegan or vegetarian and miss the taste of real meat or just like bomb-ass burgers, HAVE NO FEAR, the Impossible Burger has just become your homegirl.   Scientists found an enzyme in plants, that had only been previously found in meat, and they created a vegan burger that tastes JUST LIKE real…

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Vegan at Subway


EAT FRESH BITCHES! Ok, so I’m a subway fan for lyfe (even tho fuck Jared Fogle) and I know some people hate on it for not being quote-on-quote “fresh” but like who gives a shit? It’s yummy and can be made vegan so no complaints here (except for the bad choice in mascot lol).  So anyway, Subway…

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Vegan at Alfred Tea Shop- Los Angeles, CA


Ok, just when you thought Alfred’s Coffee Shop on Melrose couldn’t out-cute itself, lo and behold, IT DID. #how?#toocute #canIbecutetoo?  Anyway, as some of you may not know, Alfred’s is by far the most trendy coffee shop in LA and in my opinion (don’t murder me you coffee snobs) it has the best coffee in LA….

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