Vegan at Le Chemise – Paris, France


Thank you to my bestie Monica for inviting me to stay with her in Paris. Always SO SO SO much fun staying with her in Paris!!! Her and her family invited me to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants in Paris called Le Chemise. Monica’s mom loves it so much, she tried to steal their chef!…

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Vegan at Holybelly – Paris, France


Yes guys it’s pronounced “holy belly”, like “holy water”, not “Holy” like “Holly Hunter”. My friend and I legit both thought it was “Holly” and not “Holy” for absolutely NO REASON. Anyway, this place is super trendy in Paris. It’s always SUPER busy and packed, but the food is HYPE af. Like incredible. The menu has some…

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Hank Vegan Pizza – Paris, France


If you’ve ever hit up the most popular vegan places in Paris (like your vegan-foodie-blogger-expert right here has) then you know that Hanks is a very popular, delicious vegan burger place in Paris. WELL. GUESS WHAT. What’s the second best food to burgers? PIZZA. (Actually, pizza is number 1, but you get the point). Hanks…

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Vegan at Exki – Paris, France


Hey guys, so if you’re ever in Paris (which I hope you are cuz Paris is the shit), chances are you will see Exki around, like you would a Pret a Manger in nyc or london. This place is not all vegan, but they have lots of vegan options!   I didn’t actually go to the…

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