Vegan at Dishoom in London


So apparently London is like super duper famous for their Indian food? I have no clue why, but apparently it’s a thing?  Anyway, upon hearing this was the case, I made it a priority to go to at least ONE Indian restaurant  before I left London… so OBVS I went to Dishoom.  For those of…

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Vegan at Fortnum & Mason


So if you’re a tourist or a London native, I’m 100% sure been to Fortnum & Mason… and if you haven’t, we need to talk.  This place is probably the most mainstream (lol) and basic (lol again) tea place in London, but also the cutest, most delicious, and most amazing tea place in London for…

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Vegan at Paper & Cup in London


Two words: VEGAN CINNAMON BUNS Ok, idk why I thought that was 2 words lol, clearly it’s 3, but either way I’m salivating.  Yup. This little adorable coffee shop in Shoreditch has a platter of vegan cinnamon rolls available EVERY DAY.  On top of that (as if this cafe could get any better??), the coffee…

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Vegan in Oxford England


Guys, guess what!? I’m transferring to Oxford University!!!! It’s about time I told everyone!  LOL JK. Like I’m not even 1/4 smart enough to get close to getting in lol.  But like lowkey wish I was. Not only is Oxford CLASSY AS FUCK, but it is so so so stunning in person!! I fell it…

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