Organika Kitchen – Southport, CT


GUYS I FOUND A VEGAN PLACE IN CT. That is legit as crazy as saying “I found life on Mars” because CT is literally so untrendy and lame. And not only is this placeall vegan, but it’s actually SO good. Connecticut, I am impressed. Anyway, my lil sis and friend were driving to another random vegan place…

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Vegan at The Granola Bar- Greenwich, CT


GUYS GUYS GUYS this is like my new fave spot on the ave (lol I’m so betchy, I call Greenwich Avenue “the ave” #noshame) Anyways, The Granola Bar is super trendy and reminds me a LOT of Urth Caffe in Los Angeles. Not everything is vegan but they have a  ton of vegan options/can make things vegan. And no,…

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Vegan at B Good Salad- Greenwich, CT


Hey guys! Guess what?? Greenwich Avenue just got ten times cooler (which I didn’t know was possible since it already has a Brandy Melville, Soul Cycle, Starbucks, Pinkberry, Lulu Lemon,and pretty much anything else a basic betch could ask for!) Lo and behold, Greenwich Avenue answered to the cries of all the basic betchs around…

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