Vegan at La Stella Nera – Berlin, Germany


Are you currently in Berlin? Are you also currently craving pizza? Have no fear, La Stella Nera is here.  This place is all vegetarian/vegan and has the most incredible vegan pizza. So ooey-gooey and yummy!! We also got the tofu salad, but like how does a tofu salad compare when you’re eating a giant ass delicious pizza?…

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Vegan at Cookies Cream – Berlin, Germany


Ok, I know what you all are thinking. Cookies Cream must be a dessert place, one that sells something with cookies and cream. Well, you’re wrong. Not only is it not a dessert place, but nothing on their menu resembles cookies or cream. But don’t be dissapointed. Cookies Cream is ANOTHER hip/trendy (all vegetarian) restaurant in…

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Vegan at Monkey Bar- Berlin, Germany


Want to check out a hip restaurant in Berlin with a STELLAR view of the city? Then come here. Monkey Bar is a very hip and trendy cafe with very nice waitresses and a cool atmosphere. Would I suggest this place for vegan food, probably not? Because there weren’t that many options but I’d deff suggest it for…

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