R.E.D.D. Bars Review


I have tried basically every vegan bar on the market. Cliff, Luna, Nugo, Vega… you name it. I’m a bar-aholic. (Like I eat a lot of bars, not like I GO to a lot of bars… all though I also do that too).  Anyway, I was so barred out (verb?) that I was gonna quit…

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D’s Naturals Review


Thank you to D’s Naturals, who were kind enough to send us some of there vegan products, including their No Cow bars and their smores flavored Fluffbutter! What’s cool about this product is that they use Pea Protein and each serving has so many grams of protein! Both the bars and the Smores butter definitely do taste like protein…

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Vegan Truffles


GUYYYYYYYSSSSSSS my top three favorite things in life are My dogs My grandma  CHOCOLATE  Yes, anybody who knows me know I am a loud and proud chocolate addict. I’ve been told by many doctors to stop eating so much chocolate but I am a born rebel. I love chocolate more than I love Bill Skarsgard. And that’s saying…

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Vegan Miso Soup Packets


GUYYYSSS is anybody as obsessed with miso soup as I am???? No??? Yes??? Am I alone in this dark, cruel world???? LOL KIDDING. Miso soup is BAE with a capital B. I was at M Cafe the other day and I saw this little packet of Tsubi miso soup and I decided to buy it! This brand…

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Naturally Clean Eats Review


I’m simple. When I see cookie dough… I click.  LOL, jk, when I see cookie dough, I EAT THE FUCK OUTTA IT. Ok, lemme back up. So I stumbled across this cute af bar called “Naturally Clean Eats” because it looked super trendy, but I didn’t think it would be vegan. I looked closer and,…

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