Vegan Body Acne Spray


Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten acne anywhere other than your face? *most people raise their hands*. And I’m talking neck, butt, chest, etc. We’ve all been there. And if you haven’t? Well, then uh….. YOU’RE A LUCKY DUCK!! And also, bye. Anyway, I have been struggling with body acne for a long time, especially when…

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Vegan Body Wash


Soooo I was doing my daily  blowing of money on Amazon (I mean who doesn’t???), and I found this really pretty and natural vegan soap from Puracy that was flavored “citrus & sea salt” and I knew I had to order it. It reminded me of waking up in the Italian country side (ala the film Call Me…

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Vegan Shower Bomb


Yes, I know, we’ve all heard of bath bombs. But have you ever heard of a shower bomb????? While in Texas, my sister and I bought this shower bomb because it seemed like a nifty thing to try. You basically put it in your shower and it fizzes up. It’s supposed to be some form of aromatherapy. I thought…

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Vegan Lush Review


Am I the only one who thinks Lush is horribly overrated and overpriced? And no, I don’t think it’s overrated because it’s overpriced. I think it’s overrated because it genuinely sucks, and it being overpriced just makes me hate it more. I appreciate the whole mostly-vegan, natural thing they have going on. I do. I wish I could love it…

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Amazing Vegan Face Products by Pacifica


Guys, you know when you smell a product and you just KNOW it’s going to be amazing?  Ok well that’s what I experienced with Pacifica’s new line of makeup remover, face wash, and moisturizer which they are now selling at Target!!! (It’s pronounced Tarz-shay. Look it up you peasants) Lol, kidding, but actually these products…

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