PACIFICA Vegan Lip Balm Review


So the wonderful, beautiful, lovely people at Pacifica Beauty were kind enough to send my sister and I a few new samples of their lip balms! First of all, the flavors are so YUMMY. Second of all, no I did not eat the balm. I simply tasted it… whatever. Either way the flavors are cute…

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Vegan Hand Sanitizer


Raise your hand if you’re a germ freak and a hypochondriac like me?  No? Nobody? I’m the only crazy person in the room? WELL, regardless of the status of your sanity, if you are looking for a vegan hand sanitizer, check this one out! Pretty sure they sell it at Whole Foods. This brand also makes other products, like…

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Vegan Dish Soap


Hey guys, if you are vegan and looking for some vegan dish soap pods or vegan liquid dish soap that is also environmentally cautious, you have come to the right place! But if that’s not what you were looking for….stay, don’t leave. Please, I don’t want to be alone. LOL KIDDING. But seriously, here are the dish soaps I use. I like the…

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Vegan Beauty Products


My sister and I decided to put together a little list (with pics) about the “beauty” (more like hygiene) products we use on a daily basis that are either vegan, not tested on animals, or natural (or all three! #jackpot). We cannot guarentee all of these are 100% vegan as we are still making the…

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Glossier Review


Did someone mention an incredibly trendy, cruelty free makeup line?!?!? NO. BUT I JUST DID.  Dear stranger (or friend?), I introduce you to Glossier.  If you don’t already know Glossier, maybe you should get on the trend train at the next stop, because you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. (LOL JK. I learned about Glossier like a month…

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