Vegan Lip Tint


Hey guys! TGIF, am I right?? (Unless you’re reading this on a day that isn’t Friday and for that I am sorry lol) Anyway, so one of my BFF’s from high school (shout out to my boo Rebecca) got me some vegan goodies for my way belated birthday because she knows I’m #veganAF. One of…

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Vegan/Feminist Chapstick: BITCHSTIX


So gals and guys, as you all know, I’m feminist as FUCK. Sorry for the profanity kiddos. Anyway, I was shopping at this awesome store called Kyle in Beverly Hills because they had all this Wonder Woman merch (#gurlpower) and I stumbled upon something not only feminist but VEGAN.  OMGEE my worlds are colliding. Bitchstix…

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Vegan Mani/Pedi in Melbourne, Australia


Missy Lui’s Nail Salon is incredible. It’s all organic and non-toxic. Plus, it’s just all around adorable. I LOVE MANI/PEDIS SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Like give me a vegan doughnut, a puppy, and a mani/pedi and you have my heart forever.   I found this place when I was walking by the area one time….

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Vegan Nail Polish/ Vegan Mani Pedi


HEY GUYS. So I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m legit always ready for some good relaxation. Whether that means chillen with friends, going on Tumblr, or getting a BOSS ASS MANI PEDI #chiller4life. I randomly found this nail salon called Sweet Lily Spa in NYC that uses all natural products AND vegan nail polish!! It’s…

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