ThatVeganLifeDoe Interview :)


Hey peeps, the awesome people at The Native Society decided to interview us for being inspiring within the vegan & mental health community! THATVEGANLIFEDOE Interview  Click on that above if you want to check out our interview (led by moi… as in Olivia LOL). Thanks for thinking of us Native Society! Be sure to check…

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Healthy Junk Vegan Faire


Anaheim is no longer only home to the magic known as Disneyland BUT it is also home to the magic known as the Healthy Junk Vegan Faire!!! YOU GOT THAT RIGHT. A fair with ALL vegan food and products. Basically heaven. While we were here, we sampled vegan jerky, hot sauce, protein powder, and all other kinds of vegan goodies. We…

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Vegan Virtual Reality

DSC01380 copy

My sister and I were able to try @animalequality‘s virtual reality from the perspective of a pig in a slaughterhouse 😫 Heartbreaking, gruesome, & brutally honest… an experience everyone should go through (virtually not physically lol). The truth hurts us, but not as much as it hurts them. Visit for more details!!! #ianimal #theirvoice…

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Long Beach Vegan Festival

DSC01384 copy

Festivals are great. Vegan food is ballar. How about a VEGAN FOOD festival??? #mind #blown Yes, yes my vegan friends. There was an entire vegan festival in Long Beach, California (about an hour outside of LA) the other week. Not only did they have mouthwatering vegan food, but the also had music and vegan fashion!…

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