Amazing Grass Review


So, guys, it’s 2018 and I’m sure we all made new year resolutions along the lines of lose weight, get fit, eat more healthy, eat more greens, stop looking like a giant fat-ass cow when you put on a two-piece… you know, the usual.┬á Well, my friend gave me these Amazing Grass green powders for…

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Inhale Health: Vegan Vitamin Inhalation Devices


Looking for a vegan holiday gift?? LOOK NO FURTHER!! ­čÄä­čÄů­čĆ╝­čÄü My sis and I have become brand ambassadors for Inhale Health┬« and are collaborating with them this month to give you all a DISCOUNT on their non-toxic vegan vitamin inhalation devices just in time for the holidays!!! Zero calories, no sugar, and so so fun…

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Vegan Hair and Nail Strengthener


GUYS. My friend Pamela (ala @Prettyandspiced on Insta) told me about this┬ácompany called HUM,┬áthat makes supplements to strengthen nails and┬áhair. They have a vegan one (little heart shaped gummies!!) that┬ástrengthens your hair (but also┬álow-key your nails┬ábecause they are both made of keratin). Ever since taking them, I have noticed my nails are stronger, longer, and…

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Veestro Meal Delivery Service Review


So I’ve wanted to try a vegan meal delivery service for a VERY long time. The┬áthought of food being delivered to your apartment sounded SPLENDID.┬á SO. I looked online and found Veestro. What does ‘Veestro’ mean?┬áNo fucking clue.┬á I got the weight┬áloss program because I wanted to loose weight to conform to male expectation┬áI┬ádidn’t want…

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Ranch Malibu at Live Oak Review


Hey guys! So yes, I attened the Ranch Malibu for a week and lived to tell the tale LOL. For all of you who don’t know what the Ranch is, it’s pretty much a health & wellness retreat/bootcamp aimed for mental clarity, weight loss, and overall improved health. First of all, I want to mention…

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