Veestro Meal Delivery Service Review


So I’ve wanted to try a vegan meal delivery service for a VERY long time. The thought of food being delivered to your apartment sounded SPLENDID.  SO. I looked online and found Veestro. What does ‘Veestro’ mean? No fucking clue.  I got the weight loss program because I wanted to loose weight to conform to male expectation I didn’t want…

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Ranch Malibu at Live Oak Review


Hey guys! So yes, I attened the Ranch Malibu for a week and lived to tell the tale LOL. For all of you who don’t know what the Ranch is, it’s pretty much a health & wellness retreat/bootcamp aimed for mental clarity, weight loss, and overall improved health. First of all, I want to mention…

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Vegan Sleeping Aid


So guys, idk if you’re like me, but sometimes at night I’m kind of a crazy person and can’t shut my brain off. I pretty much think of everything I can possibly think of until it turns into insomnia and I’m watching vegan “what I eat in a day” videos until 5 am. Again, I’m…

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Vegan Cooking Class Los Angeles


Guys, I think we may have found the best and most adorable vegan cooking class, not only in LA, but in the entire galaxy #notevenkidding  So this cooking class is called Spork Foods and is run by two awesome sisters named Jenny and Heather #gurlpower For starters, the set up and aesthetics of the class/kitchen…

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ShapeHouse-Pasadena, CA


Guys…what if you could burn almost 1,000 calories by just laying down and watching your fave tv shows on Netflix? (Pretty much what all my daydreams consist of lol)  Lo and behold, ladies and gents, the day has finally arrived. At ShapeHouse you can literally do just that! Now, I know there are a shit-ton…

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