Vegan Hair and Nail Strengthener


GUYS. My friend Pamela (ala @Prettyandspiced on Insta) told me about this company called HUM, that makes supplements to strengthen nails and hair. They have a vegan one (little heart shaped gummies!!) that strengthens your hair (but also low-key your nails because they are both made of keratin). Ever since taking them, I have noticed my nails are stronger, longer, and…

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Veestro Meal Delivery Service Review


So I’ve wanted to try a vegan meal delivery service for a VERY long time. The thought of food being delivered to your apartment sounded SPLENDID.  SO. I looked online and found Veestro. What does ‘Veestro’ mean? No fucking clue.  I got the weight loss program because I wanted to loose weight to conform to male expectation I didn’t want…

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Ranch Malibu at Live Oak Review


Hey guys! So yes, I attened the Ranch Malibu for a week and lived to tell the tale LOL. For all of you who don’t know what the Ranch is, it’s pretty much a health & wellness retreat/bootcamp aimed for mental clarity, weight loss, and overall improved health. First of all, I want to mention…

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Vegan Sleeping Aid


So guys, idk if you’re like me, but sometimes at night I’m kind of a crazy person and can’t shut my brain off. I pretty much think of everything I can possibly think of until it turns into insomnia and I’m watching vegan “what I eat in a day” videos until 5 am. Again, I’m…

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Vegan Cooking Class Los Angeles


Guys, I think we may have found the best and most adorable vegan cooking class, not only in LA, but in the entire galaxy #notevenkidding  So this cooking class is called Spork Foods and is run by two awesome sisters named Jenny and Heather #gurlpower For starters, the set up and aesthetics of the class/kitchen…

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