Vegan T-Shirt


The best things in life are…. Finish the phrase! Here, I’ll help you…. The best things in life are CRUELTY FREE!!!! How damn cute is this shirt????? I MEAN!??! I got it from Wholesome Culture and they make all kinds of vegan clothing items so go check them out. They also donate a portion of their…

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Vegan Faux Fur Jacket from Jakke


Guys! I’m trendy! IKR? Crazy! So anyway, Christmas/Hannukah/ whatever you celebrate is coming up and guess what? You, as a vegan, are starting to write up a wish list but all your relatives are confused and don’t know what to buy you and are like “What’s vegan? Can you wear leather? What about silk? Is…

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Vegan Crop Tops


Guys, I found the cutest vegan crop tops by the Vegan Supply Co. and I’m obsessed!   As much as I love veganism, it is actually really hard to find cute clothes supporting the vegan diet that I would actually wear in public… as most of them are unfortunately only cute enough to wear to…

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Vegan Club Clothing


Thank you to The Vegan Club for sending us some AWESOME, badass vegan t-shirts featuring Ruby Rose and River Phoenix! If you guys didn’t know, River Phoenix was actually the guy who inspired my sister and I to go vegan! I mean, he didn’t personally inspire us, he died in 1993, but a quote he said…

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Vegan Booty Shorts


BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN EVERYWHERE.  Yes, we know. Having a big ole booty is the latest trend these days. And trust me, your girl here got a booty.  But you know what, if people are gonna be staring at my ass all day, I might as well spread the vegan message.  Get yourself a…

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