Vegan Crop Tops


Guys, I found the cutest vegan crop tops by the Vegan Supply Co. and I’m obsessed!   As much as I love veganism, it is actually really hard to find cute clothes supporting the vegan diet that I would actually wear in public… as most of them are unfortunately only cute enough to wear to…

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Vegan Club Clothing


Thank you to The Vegan Club for sending us some AWESOME, badass vegan t-shirts featuring Ruby Rose and River Phoenix! If you guys didn’t know, River Phoenix was actually the guy who inspired my sister and I to go vegan! I mean, he didn’t personally inspire us, he died in 1993, but a quote he said…

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Vegan Booty Shorts


BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN EVERYWHERE.  Yes, we know. Having a big ole booty is the latest trend these days. And trust me, your girl here got a booty.  But you know what, if people are gonna be staring at my ass all day, I might as well spread the vegan message.  Get yourself a…

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ThatVeganLifeDoe Bathing Suits


Nothing to show here other than the fact that we got ourselves some cheeky swim suits with our blog name on it!! Fun, cute, and spreading the vegan word… one trip to the beach at a time!  If you want to customize your own swimsuit, check out Calzedonia!! #thatsummerlifedoe #thatveganlifedoe    

Vegan Keychain


So guys, you all know I’m a trend-aholic. I love any and all things trendy.  Welllllllll….guess I was in luck because my friend Rebecca got me the cutest, little trendy bag keychain and guess what??? IT WAS VEGAN! DUH you guys. Obvs. I mean, I do live that vegan life doe… Anyway, I know those…

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