Vegan Shower Bomb

Yes, I know, we’ve all heard of bath bombs.

But have you ever heard of a shower bomb?????

While in Texas, my sister and I bought this shower bomb because it seemed like a nifty thing to try. You basically put it in your shower and it fizzes up. It’s supposed to be some form of aromatherapy. I thought this was cool because I DESPISE baths. I couldn’t tell you why. The thought of slipping and sliding around in a tub where you rinse off every day is like the most nauseating thing ever to me. And I absolutely LOVE showers. So I thought this would be baller!


Not going to lie, I didn’t really feel like the shower bomb did anything. It fizzed up which was cool, but I didn’t really smell anything or feel any more relaxed. But it’s possible I didn’t use it correctly? Anyways, check it out if you’re interested! I think you can buy it online!

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