R.E.D.D. Bars Review

I have tried basically every vegan bar on the market. Cliff, Luna, Nugo, Vega… you name it. I’m a bar-aholic. (Like I eat a lot of bars, not like I GO to a lot of bars… all though I also do that too). 

Anyway, I was so barred out (verb?) that I was gonna quit eating bars for good… until I tried R.E.D.D bars! REDD stands for Research Enhanced Designed + Development so you already know the people in chcarge of your food know what the heck they’re talking about!


Both the peanut butter superfood bar and the chocolate superfood bar are vegan,  not sure about the other flavors as I have not tried them, but these two are BOMBBBB. 


If you like bars, check out this one. Snack bars that is. If you need alcoholic bar recs, that’s a different story. 

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