Vegan Beauty Products

My sister and I decided to put together a little list (with pics) about the “beauty” (more like hygiene) products we use on a daily basis that are either vegan, not tested on animals, or natural (or all three! #jackpot). We cannot guarentee all of these are 100% vegan as we are still making the transition from using mainstream brands to using vegan beauty/hygiene products, but here is at least a starting point for some people looking to ease into the transition (don’t judge me, I’m trying! #gosh #FukDaH8terz). 

Face care: We use Dr. Gross products. Dr.Dennis Gross actually happens to be our dermatologist in NYC (lol), but he also sells his face care products nationwide in Sephora stores. Granted, the products are expensive, but they are great quality, as well as vegan and not tested on animals so wahoo!



Deodorant: The sister and I are currently using two different natural deoderants. Bella is using the Botanic Crystal Roll-On deoderant she bought during her study abroad in Australia (they don’t sell outside of Australia #cry), but it’s natural, not tested on animals, and, she swears, the best deoderant she’s ever tried. 

As for myself, on the other hand, I have started using Tom’s Natural Lavender Deoderant which is vegan, not tested on animals, and so far working pretty well! I mean, I don’t hit the gym or anything like that so I can’t test its max effectiveness but as for my light activity (yoga, shopping, chasing cute dogs), it seems to be working just fine. 

DSC03597 DSC01415 DSC01416

Body Wash: Again, the sister and I are currently using two different body washes, but both were purchased at Whole Foods. 

Bella is currently using (and loving) Acure Body Wash and I am currently using (and also lurrrving) Jason Rosewater Body Wash. It’s light in the scent, but still smells pretty and also gets fun and sudsy in the bath if you’re into that type of thing #winkwink. 

DSC03593 DSC01425

Shampoo/Conditioner: So, I get my hair bleached blonde because I’m a #CaliGirl and due to my highlights beings so expensive, it’s hard for me to find natural shampoo and conditioner to maintain them. I usually use Redken which is probably not vegan friendly, but am now trying out this new Whole Foods Brand Color Preserve Conditioner. Used it today and so far I like it, but only time will tell. Duh, duh duhhhhh. 


Hair Styling Cream: Two words that’ll change your life: JESSIE’S CURLS. Literally, THE BEST, HANDS DOWN, curl styling cream in the universe. Also, it smells delicious (I literally get compliments on my curls and the smell of my hair daily) AND it’s free of both animal products and animal testing. I KNOW. Seriously, if you’re vegan and have curly hair and have not invested in this, I’m judging …like hardcore.


Dental Care: Ok, I do have to say we are a little weak in this category. I don’t use Tom’s toothpaste or anything like that because I used to get caveties as a kid and relied on Colgate Total to prevent those yearly disastrous trips to the dentist, BUT if anyone knows any great toothpastes that are natural/vegan and prevent cavaties, HMU. 

However, not all hope is lost. Bella sometimes uses Select Herbal Toothpaste to brush her teeth (How frequently does she use it? Not a clue. Once a week? Once a year? Once a never? Who knows!) and I’m assuming uses the Radius Vegan Mint Floss daily? Either way, they’re both vegan. 

DSC03598 DSC03599

So yeah, that’s it for the vegan “beauty” products we got. Lacking a lil  bit in the dental and hair department, but transitioning to a 100% vegan lifestyle is a process! I promise! I swear! Stopping looking at me like that! I’m a good person! 


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