Quantum Squares Review

HEY GUYS. Sorry long time no blog.  We’ve been crazy busy with senior year and launching our Youtube channel (which if you haven’t subscribed to, GO DO IT!!!!!)

Quantum Squares is a company that makes caffeinated energy bars that have 100mg of caffeine in them (about as much as a cup of coffee) and they were nice enough to send a box to my sister and I to review!!!!



GUYYYYYSSSS. These bars are REALLY REALLY yummy. And no I’m not just saying that because we got them for free. You know how honest we are on this blog (unless you’ve never read our blog before then…. HI!). These bars are soooo flavorful. The mocha one legit tastes like a chocolate covered almond, and the cherry one tastes like a chocolate covered cherry.


If you are looking for ways to replace your jittery coffee habits, deff check out these bars! They are vegan AND gluten-free AND delicious!

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