Long Beach Vegan Festival

Festivals are great. Vegan food is ballar. How about a VEGAN FOOD festival??? #mind #blown

Yes, yes my vegan friends. There was an entire vegan festival in Long Beach, California (about an hour outside of LA) the other week. Not only did they have mouthwatering vegan food, but the also had music and vegan fashion! Wahoo! Oh yah! 

Overall, it was fun and delicious! Not nearly as crowded as the vegan street fair (that was a literal nightmare. They could make a horror film off of our experience) and much more variety in the stands. If it ever rolls around again next year, I highly suggest y’all check it out! 

So here are a few of the stands we went to: 

. Word of Mouth Truck: A truck with literally the cutest graphic design painted on it AND the most fun and creative foods like mac & cheese bites and a mac & cheese covered hot dog! Bringing fun back into the vegan diet and we’re loving it! 


. Whole Foods: Shout out to Whole Foods for having a little stand with complimentary vegan tattoos that say “Mighty Vegans” so I can physically be the obnoxious vegan that I am on the inside, on the outside! 

DSC01384 copy

. FORGOT THE NAME SO SORRY/light bulb smoothie place: We were hip enough to get smoothies from the lightbulb smoothie place. Sis and I got a cherry and pineapple smoothie. Yummy and the cups were cute AF. Expensive, but do it for the gram, right? 


. iApparel: Vegan fashion. Bella picked up a pair of vegan booty shorts (read our seperate blog post “Vegan Booty Shorts” for that review) and they were cute AF.


. Proper pickles! Literally pickles on a stick and plates of pickled veggies. Sounds simple but it was so fucking good!! #isthatapickleinyourpants? 


Anyway, here were just some of the things we got/sampled. Check out next year’s fest for more! 

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