Amazing Grass Review

So, guys, it’s 2018 and I’m sure we all made new year resolutions along the lines of lose weight, get fit, eat more healthy, eat more greens, stop looking like a giant fat-ass cow when you put on a two-piece… you know, the usual. 

Well, my friend gave me these Amazing Grass green powders for Christmas to try out (because I couldn’t stop complaining about the fact that I only eat carbs lol #sadbuttrue). Because it was over the holidays, she got me some of the winter ~seasonal~ flavors such as chocolate peppermint, holiday cookie, and the normal greens packet. 


First of all: Each packet contains your daily doses of veggies and fruits for the day including wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, cherry, carrot, pineapple, a blend of probiotics, and much more! (like literally, name a fruit or veggie… it’s in there) 

Secondly: They taste quite good! Because they are considered “greens powder” I expected it to taste like literal ass, but, to my humble surprise, they didn’t! They just taste like a stevia-sweetened protein powder and, believe it or not, I actually use the chocolate peppermint powder to make “hot chocolate.” I mean, it’s green hot chocolate, but hot chocolate nonetheless! 

Thirdly: It’s 2018. Why not treat yourself by doing something healthy for your body?? I mean, after 2017, we all deserve to treat ourselves. 

And if you buy now, you get a discount code … nah, I’m kidding lol. Not sponsored. Just think you should buy it. 

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